Questions to consider after viewing “The Front Row”

1. Do the paths to the 3 Front Rows seem real to you, based on your life experiences?

Do you know people who are on each of these paths?

2. Do you know which path you are on now?

How do you know?

3. Are there things you can do to ensure your loved ones are in the front row you want them to be in?

If you’re not on a path to put your loved ones in the front row that you want them to be in, are there things you can do to make a change? Are there people you could reach out to for help?

What might someone generally do to make a change? Who might someone reach out to?

If you’re already on the path for your loved ones to be in the front row of your graduation, are there things you can do or people who can help you stay on that path?

Choose one thing you could do today.

4. Are you ready to make a commitment to act?

Have you identified a change you can make or a person you can reach out to, to put you on or keep you on the path of graduation?

If you’ve identified more than one, just pick one. Right now, in your mind and in your heart, are you willing to make that change or reach out to that person?

Make a plan and follow through with it.

 Questions to consider after viewing “Creating Hope”

1. What do you hope for in the future?

Do you have a specific dream or goal?

2. Think of one goal you have for yourself.

Do you know the next step to get you there?

3. Who do you know that can help you with that next step?

4. Are there any obstacles that you know of in taking that next step?

5. Who do you know that can help you overcome those obstacles?

6. Are you ready to commit to making the next step?