presents two short films

of interest to at-risk youth

and those who care for them

The Front Row


“The Front Row” is an anti- gun violence video created by people who have seen too many lives lost to gun violence. We want it to be shown in as many places as possible, reaching at risk lives and making a positive difference in their futures.

The video presents this basic message – You have three front rows to offer your family:

  • the front row of your trial,
  • the front row of your funeral, or
  • the front row of your graduation

Which row will you choose?

Creating Hope

“Creating Hope” – a sequel to “The Front Row” is a dynamic short film about people growing up in the city who have struggled and overcome major obstacles to reach their goals and dreams.

Their stories will encourage youth who are facing similar challenges to press on, get help, complete school, and reach beyond to a place of success – a place where they can give back.


Will you seek a place of success?

Front Row Video

View the Videos

We’ve posted “The Front Row” and “Creating Hope” online here for anyone to view. We also have free DVDs available that can be shown to a group on any computer or TV with a player. Just contact us if you’d like a copy.


Questions to Consider

“The Front Row” and “Creating Hope” stimulate lots of questions. We have a few for each video that are worth thinking about right after you’ve seen it, while it’s fresh in your mind and you’re wondering what to do next.


Where to Find Help

Help is available for the asking. We’ve assembled a few lists of people and groups who can help with support, encouragement, and guidance. Just click here to look them up, see who you might know, and start calling.

Our Coalition

“The Front Row” and “Creating Hope” were developed under the leadership of grassroots collaborative groups with broad community support. Check out a partial list of those who’ve helped create the videos here.

Drop Us a Line

We’re eager to hear any suggestions, questions, or resources you want to share with us.