Looking for someone to talk with?

Baden Street Settlement House, Dr. Geo. Simmons Counseling and Support Center 325-8130

Catholic Family Center, Counseling Program 546-3617


Pathways to Peace Support Group, 200 West Avenue 14611 428-6339

Urban League of Rochester, Family and Children Services Division 325-6530

Have a problem with drugs or alcohol?

Action for a Better Community New Directions 325-5226 x3200

Baden Street Settlement 325-8130 x3200

Catholic Family Center Restart Substance Abuse Services 546-3046

Conifer Counseling Services 442-8422

Delphi Drug and Alcohol Council 467-2230

DePaul NCADD Program 719-3483

Huther Doyle 325-5100

John Norris Treatment Center 461-0410

Rochester Mental Health and Addiction Center 922-2500

St. Joseph’s Villa of Rochester 865-1550

Strong Recovery 275-7545

Unity Chemical Dependency 723-7723

Westfall Associates 473-1500

Note: All resources and phone numbers are in Rochester, NY, Area Code 585. If you live outside the Greater Rochester area, please don’t give up – there are some wonderful people right nearby you – all you have to do is look around.