Film hopes to prevent youth violence

Updated: Monday, April 20 2015, 07:38 PM EDT Rochester, N.Y. A new anti-violence film created in Rochester by the Front Row Coalition is geared towards Rochester youth. The creators want to encourage young people to think beyond the now and into the future, realizing their choices could change their life’s path. “We were involved in the gun buyback a year and a half ago, we discovered that Rochester was really missing a key tool in their tool box to help with gun violence on the streets,” said Susan Morehouse, a Rochester resident and executive producer of the film. Morehouse believes the film titled “The Front Row” is that missing tool. “I would really like to see this video used to the fullest,” said Morehouse. “I would like to see it used in small groups that’s how it’s designed, with a series of four questions that follow it where it encourages kids to actually reflect on the video.” Morehouse explains there are three front rows that they want Rochester youth to realize their families could end up in because of their choices, a concept inspired by a talk Mike Brooks of Pathways of Peace has with at-risk youth. “The three front rows are the front row of your trial, the front row of your funeral, or the front row of your graduation,” explained Morehouse. “We’re looking to make a change in our community, I want to see young people grow up, get past their teen years and discover that they are actually valuable people in our society.” Morehouse worked with a number of Rochester organizations, leaders, youth and concerned community members such as the Rochester City School District, Rochester Police Department, Rochester Youth Violence Partnership, and Pathways to Peace. The film was premiered at the School of the Arts in Rochester Monday evening.